Community Involvement

We keep people at the forefront of everything that we do at Preservation Housing Trust. Our goal isn’t simply to provide affordable housing, but to help bring people together while providing communities that foster and develop their own unique culture.

We do this in a variety of ways – but these tenets are at the heart of everything we do:

  • Resident involvement in planning – Whenever we look to develop new low-income housing solutions, our team works with the community to ensure that tenants and other residents are ingrained in the process from the start. We want our homes to centers of excellence within the community, and we do that by constantly working with our people to continue to improve our offering.
  • Ensuring development placement with access to amenities – Preservation Housing Trust works to ensure that our facilities are within easy access to local amenities – including public transportation, restaurants, shopping, and healthcare facilities. When these are not all readily available, we work with local government and planning commissions to establish access for future zoning and planning.
  • Challenge socioeconomic determinants of health and well-being – numerous studies have shown that socioeconomic conditions such as access to healthcare and being located near food deserts have a high likelihood to impact overall quality of life. With each of our communities, we work to locate near healthy food options and access to walking and hiking trails, bike paths, and places where people can go to work on their personal well-being.
  • Partnering with local nonprofit organizations to improve people’s lives – in Davenport, IA, for instance – we work with the Humility of Mary Shelter to provide emergency access to housing in the Quad Cities area.